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a group of people working on a project

Cybersecurity: From A to Z on campus

Institutions need to adopt a ‘trust no one’ cybersecurity strategy that addresses all users, devices and applications.

A group of young people

Education under siege

A rise in cyberattacks - particularly ransomware - is impacting academic institutions, putting educational goals at risk.

A man working on a computer

Five steps to ZTNA cybersecurity on campus

Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) cybersecurity allows academic institutions to realise important benefits across all operations.

Student advocacy services blog

Student advocacy services: A strategy for success

A holistic approach to mental wellness on campus is essential to create a safer, healthier and more productive environment.

Empower student success with digital transformation

Digital transformation empowers student success using technology to improve the way students learn, the way students and staff interact and collaborate, and the overall student experience.

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