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Top 5 Trends in Data Networking and Security in 2024

Data networking and security are key to address the challenges and threats of today’s evolving digital networking landscape.

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A man looking at a laptop
Business Continuity

Supply chain resilience and business adaptability

Strategic supply chain resilience and business adaptability to thrive in the face of adversity

Business Continuity

Solve education challenges with a modern campus network

A modern campus network helps streamline operations, reduce costs, and offers a safe and caring place to work and study.

Business Continuity

Revitalise education with a modern campus network

A modern, campus-wide network upgrade aligns capabilities with academic, research and business priorities today and tomorrow. 

Business Continuity

Education today: Why modernising campus networks is a must

Educational institutions worldwide must modernise their networks to meet today’s new requirements.

a field worker fixing a power line
Energy and Utilities

Communications empower energy and utilities field workers

Real-time solutions on mobiles, with cloud-based apps, aid field service management in minimizing operational risks.

Energy and utilities operations control centre blog main image
Energy and Utilities

A smarter Operations Control Centre for energy and utilities

Next-generation Operations Control Centre (OCC) will enable mission-critical communications to improve safety and efficiency.

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Business Continuity

The upside of disruption: Implement a business intelligence…

Abiding by our values and implementing a proactive business intelligence approach were critical to surviving VUCA. 

A man and woman at a wind farm
Business Continuity

The upside of disruption: Building a Sustainable Future - P…

Sustainability and leadership through VUCA

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Business Continuity

The upside of disruption: Understanding the VUCA world - Pa…

The VUCA from events in 2020 led to a worldwide disruption in supply chains and logistics that ALE successfully navigated.

A group of business people networking in small groups within a large open space
Business Continuity

Using AI and NLP to eliminate organisational silos

AI and NLP technologies are behind conversation fingerprinting, a new concept that can optimise distribution of information

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